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7 Cents

7   Cents

7 Cents was conceived in the spring of 1997. The musicians in the group are as follows: Vincent (lead vocals), Pierce (lead guitar, back-up vocals, organ), Robert (bass), Joey (drums), Adam (trumpet), Jake (lead alto sax), Eric (alto sax), and Mike (trombone). The original members have been a strong core since the inception of the band and have only had to make slight adjustments within the horn section.

7 Cents plays a variety of ska styles, but mostly traditional ska. About 90% of all the music selections played on a live gig are composed and arranged by the band members. Most of the compositions are credited to Pierce and Vincent. 7 Cents has played many gigs in the Maryland area (Joe's Movement Empourium, Taliano's, Phantasmagoria, etc.) and has recorded at Omega Studios. The band is currently scheduled to open for the Moon Tour at Phantasmigoria on July 14, 1998. They are also scheduled to record again at Gizmo Studios during July and release a CD later this year.


Mike   -   Trombone

I am a third year student at James Madison University. I am majoring in Integrated Science and Technology with a dual concentration in Energy and Information Knowledge Management with a Jazz minor. I have played in the JMU Jazz Ensemble since I was a freshman and have recorded two CD's with that band, both to be released on Sea Breeze records later this year. The Ensemble plays annual gigs for the Greenbriar Big Band Weekend, as well as concerts for the Coors Company and the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. I have also played in jazz combos with personnel consisting of drums, bass, piano, barry sax, and trombone. This group performs three times a semester in downtown Harrisonburg at Dave's Taverna.

While attending James Madison High School, I was in the symphonic band (winners of the Suddler Flag) for four years and the jazz band for two. Those bands took trips to Chicago, Canada, Florida, and North Carolina on a regular basis for competitions. The symphonic band also did live performances for WGMS radio in Washington, D.C. During my high school years I was second trombone in the Northern Virginia Youth Symphony and sat in with the American Youth Philharmonic for one concert and did the 1812 Overture. Those symphonies toured the States as well and were regulars in the downtown DC area for the performing arts.

I am glad to add 7 Cents to the list of my accomplshments and experiences. It is always good to expand your musical horizons and experiment with new ideas.


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